Sult - Harm
LP: Bocian Records, bcSU, 2013

A1. Lunge
A2. Mince
A3. Skade
B1. Fange
B2. Wince
Tony Dryer - contrabass
Jacob Felix Heule - percussion
Guro Skumsnes Moe - contrabass
Håvard Skaset - acoustic guitar

Cover by Lasse Marhaug
The name of this San Francisco/Oslo quartet translates as hunger - which feels thematically right. The music vividly evokes a wooden sailing ship, groaning and heaving, in eerily becalmed seas many leagues from land, as the crew succumb to slow, gnawing malnutrition. Tony Dryer and Guro Skumsnes Moe grind the strings of upright basses; Håvard Skaset scratches an acoustic guitar; and percussionist Jacob Felix Heule attempts to rouse himself now and then with a low, disconsolate rumble. Small, desperate bursts of rattling and rubbing dissipate Into exhausted doldrums of queasy drone, interrupted by the low growl of an isolated bass thrum and scattered snatches of guitar, while the slow, rhythmic thump of a single torn tries one last time to persuade the dying to man the oars.

The Wire